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How BIM Intelligence Can Reduce Time and Costs For Your Precast Girder Bridge Projects
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Making the move from 2D drafting to 3D modeling for precast girder bridges is easier than you might think, and it comes with major benefits to project timelines, quality control, and costs. Join experts from Allplan as we present a new workflow for modeling your precast girder bridges using a familiar 2D process. You’ll learn how to use 2D drafting to develop a 3D model, which can resolve conflicts and errors before they reach the shop and the field. With the model data, you can automatically produce accurate shop tickets and bills of materials. Plus, see how your Allplan model can be used to better optimize downstream processes like purchasing, fabrication, and erection, giving you a competitive advantage without increasing engineering spend.

Learning Objectives:
  • See Allplan’s signature 2D-to-3D workflow in action on a precast girder bridge project.
  • Increase project quality and reduce costs with automated clash detection, shop tickets, bills of materials, and more.
  • Leverage models to provide more complete information to purchasing, fabrication, and erection teams.


David Loughery, Business Development Manager (Infrastructure) at Allplan: David has a Master’s in Structural Engineering with over 5 years of industry experience. As a practicing engineer in China his work focused on fiber composites (FRP) in civil infrastructure, including bridges and powerplants, before he transitioned into the AEC software industry upon returning to the United States. As an engineer he’s faced many of the same challenges which confront Allplan’s customers each day, an understanding which enhances his ability to help overcome them.

Anders Lovendahl, Technical Consultant at Allplan. Anders studied at Oregon State University before starting his career at a precast manufacturing facility specializing in prestressed precast concrete bridges and drafting. He also has experience as a CAD manager, supporting civil and structural engineering teams throughout all phases of project delivery. He enjoys keeping up with emerging technology that can create innovative workflow solutions for infrastructure projects, which was a driving factor for joining the ALLPLAN team as a Technical Consultant.
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