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How to Integrate Precast Prestressed Concrete Design with BIM
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In this free webinar you will learn about an exciting new technology that allows precast concrete designers to integrate design and detailing with BIM modeling. We will demonstrate how improved workflows and our new Sync product streamlines this integration leading to a reduction in detailing errors, less duplicated efforts, and measurable improvements in overall efficiencies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the current paradigm of reinforcing precast/prestressed concrete BIM models manually
  • Understand the new streamlined process of tightly integrating design and detailing with BIM modeling using Eriksson Software’s new Sync product
  • Assess workflow improvements realized by automating the process of reinforcing precast concrete BIM models using Eriksson Sync
  • Learn how to measure the reduction in detailing errors and the savings in time (collectively, the metrics) that result from using Eriksson Sync
  • Understand the potential improvement in metrics in transitioning from a manual-based BIM reinforcement workflow to an automated, integrated workflow using Eriksson Sync


Roy Eriksson, P.E., President/CEO
Jeremy Castello, EIT, Lead Engineer
Justin Callahan, Lead Software Engineer
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Cost: FREE
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