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PCI Production Workshop 7: Acceptability of Appearance: The Importance of Samples and Mockups
The topic is “Acceptability of Appearance – The Importance of Samples and Mockups”. From 12 x 12 samples to full size mockups, two experienced plant managers will discuss their approach to producing samples, range samples and mockups to encourage customer collaboration and establish realistic expectations. Our discussions will include criteria established within PCI manuals 116 and 117 as it applies to acceptability of appearance and the sampling process.

March Speakers include:

Steve Kloos, WELLS Concrete, Wells, Minnesota
Gary Berkhouse, High Concrete Group, Springboro, Ohio

We encourage all plants, architectural, structural and transportation to participate, include your plant personnel and hold internal discussions after the meeting to adapt any ideas into your plant culture.
Availability: On-Demand
Cost: FREE
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No Credit Offered
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