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PCI eLearning Course T450: Bridge Bearings — Theory and Fundamentals
This course describes design and selection procedures for bearings. For the vast majority of bridges constructed using precast, prestressed concrete beams, plain elastomeric pads or elastomeric bearings reinforced with steel plates are used. This course is dedicated to these types of bearings. The make-up and mechanics of the bearings is described as is failure mechanisms. The LRFD Specifications provides two methods by which bearings may be designed—Method A and Method B. This course focuses on the simplified Method A. Method B and its applications is covered in the following course, T455.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the movements and loads that are considered in bearing pad design
  • Identify construction issues and trends related to bearing pads and sole plates
  • Select bearing configurations (such as fixed, movable, and guided) that are appropriate for a given bridge
  • Recognize the limitations of Method A by deciding if it is appropriate for a given scenario
  • Design a bearing pad using Method A of the LRFD Specifications
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Credit Offered:
1 PDH Credit
1 LU Credit
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