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Precast 101 Plus: High Performance Precast Concrete Design
The evolving construction industry, recent code changes, challenging economy, natural disasters, and sustainable development requirements are just some of the factors increasing demand for high performance and resilient building design. This webinar will provide an overview of precast and prestressed concrete design and fabrication, in the context of high-performance structures. Life-cycle cost and accelerated schedule benefits of prefabrication, modular and off-site construction will be identified. And case studies will highlight architectural and structural precast/prestressed concrete building systems and their high-performance attributes - including optimization of versatile, efficient and resilient precast concrete design solutions.
Learning Objectives
This presentation will discuss the design and fabrication of high performance, sustainable and resilient structures. Participants will
  • Explore the concepts of high performance and functional resilience, and discover the sustainable attributes of precast design solutions.
  • Learn how precast and prestressed concrete components are custom fabricated in a quality plant-manufactured environment, to meet an owner’s program of requirements.
  • Discover how off-site construction and prefabricated manufacturing with natural, low-embodied energy materials contribute to lower life-cycle cost, improved building performance, accelerate construction, reduce site disturbance and waste, and provide easier coordination of trades.
  • Understand how integrated architectural and structural precast concrete design solutions contribute to energy efficiency, life safety and multi-hazard protection due to their versatile, efficient and resilient attributes.
Availability: On-Demand
Cost: FREE
Credit Offered:
1 PDH Credit
1 HSW/LU Credit
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