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Production Workshop 3: How Does Your Culture Affect Quality: A Quality Control Manager's Perspective
PCI members are invited to attend the virtual Production Managers Workshop which will be held the third Thursday of each month. March’s topic is “How Does Your Culture Affect Quality – A Quality Control Manager’s Perspective”. Our speakers, David Owen from Gate Precast, Oxford NC Plant and Mike Wolff Mid-States Concrete Industries, Beloit, IL will discuss how the relationship between the QC manager and plant manager effect a quality culture and share some common plant practices to keep their organizations focused on providing high quality architectural precast products.

David Owen - Gate Precast, Oxford, NC
Mike Wolff - Mid-States Concrete Industries, Beloit, IL

We encourage all plants - architectural, structural and transportation - to participate. Include your plant personnel and hold internal discussions after the meeting to adapt any ideas into your plant culture
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Cost: FREE
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