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Unlocking Cement Efficiency and Carbon Removal in Precast/Prestressed Production
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As specifiers, end users and purchasers focus more attention on the environmental impact of concrete production, precast/prestressed concrete producers are in a unique position to lead the way in taking new and innovative approaches to lower the carbon impact of concrete.

One such approach utilizes waste CO2 as a beneficial admixture – resulting in a more efficient use of cement that unlocks both environmental and economic benefits for producers. Learn the facts about how CO2 Utilization can be used as a strategy to unlock environmental, financial, and competitive advantages in precast/prestressed concrete production.

Learning Objectives:
  • How precast concrete compares to other building materials in terms of sustainability
  • How CO2 can be upcycled to allow more efficient use of cement and permanent carbon removal in precast/prestressed concrete production
  • The science behind how CO2 impacts fresh properties and durability
  • Financial and competitive advantages of producing sustainable precast/prestressed products

Sean Monkman, PhD, PEng, Senior Vice President of Technology Development
Sean oversees CarbonCure’s research and intellectual property activities. His focus is on the scientific and materials performance aspects of the company’s offerings. Sean holds a Doctoral degree in Civil Engineering from McGill University. His career has included more than 25 years working in concrete materials including 15 years working on CO2 utilization approaches.

He is active within the American Concrete Institute on the Materials, Admixtures, Nanotechnology and Performance Specification committees and is the chair of the Sustainability committee. Sean has authored more than four dozen papers and presentations on beneficial CO2 utilization in concrete production and is a co-inventor on more than 40 issued and pending patents related to the work.
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