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Efficiency, Labor, Automation: Precast Production

This webinar, tailored for C-Level Managers, Plant Managers, Decision-Makers, and anyone involved in the long-term strategy of a precast business, explores the methodology surrounding decisions related to precast automation, specifically, when and where to automate. A multidisciplinary precast automation performance team is hosting this webinar to share insights of over 60 years of experience in precast combined with more than 500 plant visits worldwide.

Learning Objectives:

This webinar’s content is going to be immediately relevant to your specific operation, and you will be walking out with a full and detailed step by step action plan, including:

  • Process Analysis – Methodology for identifying value leaks in a precast operation
  • Automation Implementation – How to determine if and when automation is right for your operation or process
  • Cost Analysis – How to uncover hidden costs associated with precast processes and estimate financial results related to automation
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